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Sell® System

Our approach to sales is a 3-step , easy to follow system to success. Interested in learning more about our training programs? Enter your email to get a quick overview to our approach and learn about our sales rep and productivity training programs. 

How we work with companies and individuals at Educate, Demonstrate, 

1:1 Sales Training Programs 

We work with you, your team or your company to distill your sales process, or any part of the sales process that is causing road blocks

Online Video Courses 

We design and manage our own online custom training courses, which include 1:1 sessions. Check out our newest course available for pre-order

1:1 Productivity Programs 

We help clients "get out of their own way" and work together to help them move forward on aggressive goals. 

SAAS Custom Design and Training

We help your SAAS products like your CRM and project management software work for you and move your company forward, and integrate them to your sales approach and philosophy. 

About Jesse

Jesse is the founder of the Educate, Demonstrate, Sell® sales approach EDS Strategy LLC and Educate, Demonstrate, 

Educate, Demonstrate, is the training division of EDS Strategy an in store product demonstration, and field sales company that performs in-store demonstrations for some of the top natural CPG brands and high-profile brands in the world.

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