November 6, 2020

ActiveCampaign Review Email Marketing For Small Business

Looking for a way to do the best email marketing for small business?

Check out our short ActiveCampaign review - at, we design and sell the top online sales education for sales professionals and review apps that we use in our own business. 

Now is the perfect time to do a free trial via this link! 

ActiveCampaign is an awesome app for small business, individuals getting started, and for small businesses to get started with email marketing and staying in touch with their customers. Recently, ActiveCampaign released the landing page feature which allows users to make quick pages to run offers, and calls to action such as promotions you might be running at your online store or physical retail location. Unlike other landing page software that can be over $100 / month just for landing pages, ActiveCampaign integrates it into the platform since it works alongside the automations. 

Why Email Marketing For Small Business Is So Critical

ActiveCampaign CRM Review

There are so many CRM's on the market and we have used many of them at Educate, Demonstrate, The ActiveCampaign CRM is great for those just getting started with a CRM or using a CRM integrated with an online Shopify store. Users can trigger certain automations to occur based on what stage a contact is in the CRM. 

ActiveCampaign CRM Pricing

For any small business looking for the best email marketing and CRM, they should consider ActiveCampaign. ActiveCampaign CRM pricing is probably the most competitive CRM out there in terms of cost. Unlike most CRM's ActiveCampaign does not charge per user per month and on the Plus plan for example, it includes 25 users. This means it's a great fit for small businesses looking to stay in touch with their customers via email marketing. Also you can have many sales reps on one plan. 

ActiveCampaign Integrations 

There are countless of integrations with ActiveCampaign; one of our favorite integrations for service businesses or any business that writes proposals is BetterProposals. Better Proposals helps sales professionals close more deals faster; we use the app in our business and has decreased the time to close a deal after presenting the proposal by over 30%. 

Check out Better Proposals Pricing here and sign up for a free trial. Their support team is excellent as well.

Additionally ActiveCampaign has the best Shopify integration via API.

ActiveCampaign CRM Integrations for Sales Teams

Remember the ActiveCampaign CRM? You can also integrate with an online phone app for remote customer service and sales teams, so you can make calls right from the ActiveCampaign CRM . Check out here and get a free trial.

ActiveCamapaign Free Trial - #1 Tool For Email Marketing For Small Business

The best way to find out if ActiveCampaign is right for you is to sign up for an exclusive 14 day free trial, no credit card required to sign up for the free trial. Then try the CRM, make some automations and decide if it's right for you. It's the best value in the email marketing automation space, and is always improving.

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