February 16, 2022

Salesmate CRM Review: What Are The Best Sales Tools And Best CRM For Small Business?

Salesmate.io: Best CRM For Growing Sales Teams

Sales teams are faced with many challenges; It is critical for sales professionals to keep organized, overcome any objections customers may have, and truly Educate, Demonstrate, and Sell their product or service. Having the right crm software is critical.  Many CRM's are too feature heavy but don't drive business and deals forward. That's why if you are looking for the best CRM for small business and medium business, check out our Salesmate CRM Review.

In this Salesmate CRM review we discuss how we use Salesmate.io in one our businesses. After looking for the best CRM for cold calling, in addition to deal and pipeline management, we landed on Salesmate and use it over others like Pipedrive or Salesforce.

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Also, Salesmate has both zapier and direct API integrations with other email marketing software such as ActiveCampaign if you already have your email marketing on that software you can sync ActiveCampaign Email Marketing with Salesmate. 

Email Marketing Automation

If you are starting to build your email list, it can be a challenge to stay organized especially for B2B and consulting businesses. Salesmate CRM has powerful filters that quickly help you drive deals and business forward. 

Email Marketing Automation - Automation Journeys

What are Automation Journeys in Salesmate CRM? Automation Journeys are predefined paths, or journeys we map out for customers in our sales process. For example, a customer can book a meeting using meeting scheduler on your website, and then that triggers an automation journey to send an email, and a text to the customer and remind them of the meeting. Automation Journeys can also send internal reminders and assign tasks to sales reps as well. Check out how we use Automation Journeys for cold calling efforts - this is an excerpt from the "Decoding Sales 360" webinar Jesse did with Salesmate.

Best CRM For Lead Generation

The great thing about Salesmate.io CRM is that it allows users to user fewer SAAS products. The Meeting Scheduler allows you to embed a calendar into your website and prospective and current clients can book a meeting with you and your team, eliminating the need for back and forth emails.

And with email and CRM automations, called Automation Journeys, Salesmate takes a lot of the manual work of leading your sales organizations sales processes through creation of deals, auto tagging and more. Check out how we use Automation Journeys in the video above. 

Salesmate Certified Expert

EDS Strategy is a Certified Salesmate Expert and hosted a Webinar with Salesmate on March 10 , 2022 - click here  to watch the replay. As a Certified Expert we also work with brands to help implement salesmate in their own business. Start your free trial and check out our salesmate certified expert partner profile here 

Best CRM For Consulting Business 

In many B2B settings the sales process involves inbound and outbound leads. Customers are booking meetings and sales reps are making outbound calls to potential best - fit clients. An easy to use CRM like Salesmate.io has features like meeting scheduler, integrated calling, and lists to keep you focused on growing sales and not taking notes in many places. 

And since the email is synced, all emails from each contact are organized by contact and deal. All emails, calls , texts, and activites are organized by contact - so you are never searching for emails.

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